Community Events

We host many community events annually.

  • Canada Day parade and celebration
  • Mt. Lehman Fall Fair (with the school and church)
  • Spaghetti dinner at the Hall
  • Meet and Greet your neighbours
  • Movies nights
  • Family Christmas party
  • and more

Mt. Lehman Garden Club

The Mt. Lehman Garden Club meets every 3rd Thursday at the Mt Lehman Hall at 7pm.  For more information, please contact Yvonne Holden (604-856-0313).

Play Time

Thursdays during the school term parents and their tots meet at Mt. Lehman Hall for a Playtime sponsored by the MLCA.

The doors are open at 9:00 and families start arriving. The children can choose to play with the toys or to sit at the table with a quiet activity like books, puzzles, coloring or playdough.

At 9:30 Lisa invites the children to circle time with Ring-Around-The-Rosies followed by some group games like the Hokey Pokey, some simple rhymes like the Eensy Weensy Spider and finishes with a story. 

Some children will need their parent to be involved in the activities in order for them to participate, while others come willingly leaving their parent to socialize.

Then we move up to the craft table where Lisa explains the craft and directs the children how to complete it. Parents help their children with the craft activity.

We wash our hands and head over to the snack table, where the children enjoy a range of fruit, cheese, crackers and banana bread, for example. Parents bring a piece of fruit or other snack to share and a parent will cut it up during craft time ready to serve. Parents supervise their children eating.

Children head back down to play with the toys, run around the hall and participate in a group game with Lisa like London Bridge is Falling Down.

Playtime finishes at 11:00.