Hall Rentals


Rental Rates

Our rental rates are reasonable as follows:

  • Fri, Sat, Sun flat rate, includes use of kitchen - $450
  • Sunday daytime until 5pm, includes use of kitchen - $350
    (if no access to kitchen required, deduct $50)
  • Night before or day after (setup or cleanup) - $75
  • Use of kitchen ONLY, 7am-1pm (6 hrs or less) - $75
  • Single meeting, no janitorial (NOT available Fri, Sat, Sun) - $125
    (Janitorial, if required - $60)
  • Monthly meetings (annual fee) No janitorial service - $225 *
  • Weekly meetings (per meeting) No janitorial service - $30 *
  • Damage Deposit (all events) - $300
  • Movie/circus parking $350/day
    * Includes use of kitchen only to prepare coffee, tea and cold snacks. 

Janitorial services

Unless otherwise specified, rental rates include 2 hours of janitorial time.

Damage Deposits

Damage deposits are returned within one month if terms of contract are respected.

Available Dates

Check the Calendar section to see what dates are currently booked.


For more information on Hall rentals, please contact our Hall Manager at:


ph - 604-866-4530